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Diagnosing Unwanted Outcomes™

This is our core training and is an upgraded version of the "root cause analysis" thinking and tools.  The course starts by discussing the fundamental flaws in "root cause" thinking and why it inhibits effective problem solving.  DUO is a flexible, adaptable method to help you understand why an unwanted outcome happened and then to identify improvements (solutions, risk controls, etc.) to reduce the likelihood of recurrence to acceptable levels.  It is based on robust and proven tools from the nuclear and aerospace industries.  We simplifed and adapted these tools so that they work in almost any industry, and virtually anybody can quickly master them. 

Here are some good applications for this course:

  • An integral part of your ISO 9001 QMS Corrective Action system (para 10.2)
  • A way to turbocharge your Lean Six Sigma program (Analyze, Improve, Control)
  • A robust and proven way to address DCMA findings (Defense)
  • A way to understand and disposition sentinel events (healthcare)
  • A good standalone problem solving course
  • A way to teach improved critical thinking

Interestingly, one of the biggest benefits our clients tell us is that this course and method helps people within a company better communicate.  Factory workers can better understand executive leadership and vice versa.

This is a one-day course taught by certified instructors. No special software is needed other than Microsoft Office 2010 or later.    

We typically hold courses at our client's facilities.

Please contact us for details and pricing.

Diagnosing Unwanted Outcomes™ Workshop

Depending on your organization or company, you may want to add a DUO workshop, typically the day after a DUO course. The workshop helps to solidify and reinforce what students learned during the DUO course. We typically customize this workshop  and allow clients to select from a number of subjects such as : 

  • Additional practice and examples
  • Work some actual issues/problems from your company
  • Integration with your ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Addressing internal and external audit findings
  • Turbo-charging your Lean Six Sigma program
  • Advance skills in facilitating DUO sessions
  • Knowing when DUO will suffice and when more robust methods are appropriate
  • Understanding the connection between DUO and system safety tools such as Fault Tree Analysis

Reviewing DUO or RCA Results

You don't need to be an expert in DUO or RCA to effectively review reports and provide feedback or coaching. In this half-day course, we teach some basic skills, and then leverage these when reviewing some good (and not so good) DUO or RCA examples.  This is a perfect class for executives or managers who will review DUO or RCA reports and want to provide the maximum contribution. This is a safe learning environment with a lot of fun but thought-provoking examples.  No prior knowledge is required.

Building Effective Procedure Documents (in development)

One of the most common causes for defects, delays, audit findings, etc. involves poorly written procedures.  Based on multiple requests from our clients, we are currently building this course as a risk control for a known problem area. This will include instruction on how to build effective flowcharts and integrate them into the process narrative. Launching in Spring of 2019. Please check back for details or subscribe to our mailing list.

Other courses in development

We have a queue of other courses that we may develop in the future.   Feel free to send us your course ideas. 

Partnering with other trainers and consultants

If you would like to use some of our copyrighted materials in your article, book, course, workshop or presentation, please contact us.  In all cases, we strive for a win-win arrangement where we also give you some visibility and potential business.  We are a highly ethical and honest business and thrive by building relationships and trust with others.