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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help organizations understand and apply the latest continual improvement methods and tools to help prevent unwanted outcomes.

We are also helping to promote upgraded problem solving tools and explain why the older and problematic "root cause analysis" thinking and related tools are obsolete.

Our Approach

 We leverage decades of experience in high consequence industries. We adapt and simplify proven, robust tools so that a wide audience can have access to them. We listen to our clients and customize solutions to meet their needs. Our strongest feedback when designing the DUO course was "no expensive and problematic specialized software." We worked tirelessly to develop a powerful method and course that leverages built-in features of MS Office 2010 or later to create powerful reports and charts. 

Why Us?

When it comes to "root cause analysis" and similar training, we understand there are a lot of choices. World Interplay has decades of experience in industries such as aerospace, defense, marine and nuclear. Our instruction assumes you have little knowledge in these areas and we gently ramp you up to high competencies.

Most importantly, we practice 

what we teach.